Matilda the Musical Jr for Individuals


Show your appreciation for all of the hard work by giving shout outs to your favorite performer.  Our displays will be on both the Lobby and Auditorium Screens at The Venue at Friendship Springs. Let us celebrate your performer by showcasing them on our Pre-Show and After Show Slideshow.

Give Shout Outs NOW!! Upload the picture you want to use for the

  1. Enter in the message box:  Your performers name (the way you want to see it on the big screens.)
  2. Add your message, quote or GOOD LUCK! in the same massage box. Be sure to double space after the name.  (maximum 150 characters)
  3. Please double check your spelling, this will be copied how you type it in your message box.
  4. Deadline to submit the entries is Thursday, May 2nd, 2024 till midnight.
  5. This product is non-refundable.
  6. This is a reference image as to how your product will look like at the big screen. Please send the details accordingly.
  7. These shoutouts will be presented at Matilda and  at our end of year recital.



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